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Marktplaats offers the cheapest iPhone 12 for sale.

The cheapest iPhone 12 is available at Marktplaats.

Apple will introduce the iPhone 13 on Tuesday, but how much should you expect to spend for the cheapest iPhone 12 available from Marktplaats?

Apple’s iPhone has never been, and will never be, inexpensive. We’re talking about a whole other one. A used or refurbished iPhone is already much less expensive than a new one. An iPhone event is set to take place on the following Tuesday. The iPhone 13 is then anticipated to be unveiled by Apple. The moment has come to see how much a pre-owned iPhone 12 really costs in real life.

It is now possible to purchase an iPhone 12 for 912.10 euros. However, we discovered a far more affordable alternative on Marktplaats. A vendor on Marktplaats is offering the cheapest iPhone 12 from the company for 475 euros. This pre-owned smartphone is available in the colour blue. There have already been offers that are higher than the asking price.

Due to the fact that we are discussing about iPhone 12, the phone may be up to a year old. Why the vendor is offering to sell the smartphone remains a mystery at this time. Let’s just say that the advertisement is succinct. According to the selling party, the battery is in perfect working order and has no defects. Even if a case is provided, there are no pictures of the box or of the booklets or of any charger.

If you are considering purchasing a used iPhone, it is usually a good idea to get the whole set. That includes manuals, a charger, and, in certain cases, a purchase receipt. That way, you may be certain that everything is in working order.

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