Massive Suspects, Several People Injured in the Wisconsin Mall Shooting in the US | World news

Wisconsin: On November 20th, a suspect in which several people were injured in a’active shooting incident’ held at a shopping mall outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

According to local authorities, the shooting took place outside the Macy’s department store at Mayfield Mall in Wowwa Tosa, a suburb of 47,000 Milwaukee.

Seven adults and a teenager were taken to the hospital, Wauwatosa police chief Barry Weber said in a statement. However, the extent of their injuries is unknown.

The killer left the scene and remained large until emergency responders arrived, Webber said.

Police described him as a white male in his 20s and 30s.

Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride said in a statement earlier Friday that there were no life-threatening injuries. He added that there were 75 police officers on the scene.

Live TV shoots by local ABC affiliate WISN12 showed dozens of police vehicles with flashing lights outside Macy’s, and a video posted on Twitter showed paramedics driving people out of the mall with stretchers.

Several customers interviewed by local media said shoppers and mall employees were locked up in the mall but were safe. One said that her sister (a mall employee) had about 15 bullets.

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