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Mehzabin declined an invitation to appear in a Bollywood film.

Mehzabin caudhurijana, the country’s television actress, has been transformed by a Bollywood film, according to Netflix. The film ‘khuphiya’ was the title of a Bollywood film in which Mehzabin appeared. However, he has recently declined the offer.

This was proposed to the actress by Vishal Bharadwaj, a well-known Bollywood producer. “I received a WhatsApp message from the casting director of this film in early July,” Mehzabin told reporters. They were notified that a Bangladeshi actor would be required for the tale of the cinematographer. They called the actor. That’s why he took the time to speak with me in depth. You sent me a synopsis of the storey. An notion of my character’s personality was also supplied to me.

After watching the movie and listening to the scenario, I had the impression that our country had been reduced to a minor role in the plot.’ I declined their offer as a result of this reason.

The director went on to say, ‘Some aspects of Bangladeshi politics have been highlighted in the film’s narrative,’ That position would have been played by the cinematographer, and the politics of Bangladesh would have been misrepresented as a result. I did not make this film out of a deep affection for the country. The simple line is that I have no wish to see my country shrunk in any manner. I didn’t agree with them because of this.

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