Melania Trump appeared on this special occasion for the first time after winning the battle with the Corona virus

American presidential election

Melania Trump was not publicly visible as she was infected with the Corona virus. There were constant speculations about her health, today she appeared on stage with Donald Trump.


Melania Trump with Donald Trump.



Washington: Continuously Melania Trump (Melania Trump) after being infected with the Corona virus (Covid 19) There has been a lot of speculation about this. Donald Trump soon joined the campaign to defeat the Corona virus infection, but Melania did not appear in public with him. Now, after a long time, Melania has publicly appeared with her husband Donalt Trump.

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Melania arrives in the presidential debate US presidential

election in Nashville 2020 (US presidential election 2020)) Melania Trump has reached the last presidential presidential debate 2020. Melania Trump also took the stage with current US President Donald Trump. During this time, Melania wore a mask.

was infected with Trump

Let me tell you that along with Donald Trump, Melania was also infected with the Corona virus. She has been in the White House for the past few days. It has been consistently stated that Melania’s health was fine but not coming out. He also accompanied Donald Trump’s children Ivanka, Tiffany, and Eric in today’s debate. This time around, all of Trump’s family members appeared at Belmont University in Nashville wearing face masks, although they later removed their masks.

who also joined

Biden’s wife Jill Biden, wife of Joe Biden was also present during this time. She also worked to support her husband. Jill also wore a face mask like last time.


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