Melania will receive millions of rupees as soon as she divorces Trump, know how much it will be

Donald Trump

After losing the US presidential election, it is claimed that Donald Trump may divorce his wife Melania Trump.


Washington: Ever since Donald Trump’s defeat in the US presidential election, it is rumored that Melania Trump may divorce him. Legal experts say that if Melania decides to divorce US President Donald Trump as a deal 68 million Australian dollars (372 crore of rupees).

Trump’s former colleague said

Donald Trump’s former political aide Omarosa Manigault Newman said Trump and Melania 15 one-year marriage is about to break up. Let me tell you that there is always talk of the relationship between Trump and Melania, but after the results of the US elections the discussion has intensified.

Both took place in the year 2005 wedding

Let us tell you that the love story of Trump and Melania began in the year 1998. Later in the same year 2004 Trump had proposed Melania to the wedding with a 1 diamond ring, 5 million dollars. After this both January 22 got married. They both have a son, who was born in the year 2006.

At the age of both 24 Distance of the year

At the age of 15 Donald Trump and Melania are years apart. When the two met, Trump was 52 and Melania

. At this time, Donald Trump’s age is 74, while his wife Anni’s.

50 Million Dollar Deal

Jacqueline Newman, managing partner of Berkman Bottler Newman & Road, told Town & Country in an interview: “If Melania Trump decides to divorce, she should be in a $ 50 million deal ( 68 million Australian dollars) is.


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