Men and Women Have Different Attitudes About Corona 19, Survey Proposal | World news

Washington : Scientists have finally uncovered why women-dominated countries are responding more effectively to the coronavirus pandemic in a survey showing differences in attitudes toward the COVID-19 pandemic in gender that affect gender differences in mortality.

Original data from two surveys conducted by eight Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries from March to April 2020 showed significant gender differences in beliefs and behaviors related to COVID-19.

Women perceive the epidemic as a very serious health problem and are more likely to agree and comply with deterrence measures. These differences are only partially mitigated for individuals living together or directly exposed to COVID-19. This behavioral factor contributes to significant gender differences in mortality and is consistent with women-led states responding more effectively to the epidemic. Gender-based public health policy and communication are needed.

The gender differences in attitudes and behaviors are significant in all countries. It is not explained by social demographic and employment characteristics or by psychological and behavioral factors. It is only partially mitigated for individuals who live together or have been directly exposed to the virus.

Researchers show that their results are not due to discriminatory social needs bias. This evidence has important implications for public health policy and communication for COVID-19, and may have to be gender-based, revealing behavioral changes to new risks that are areas of gender differences.

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