Michelle Obama stiffens on “stubborn” Donald Trump, given this advice

Washington: US President Donald Trump Former President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama has expressed disappointment at the president’s stubborn attitude. He scoffed at Trump in a social media post by saying that our democracy is much bigger than any person’s ego.

Respect process

) Earlier, Obama also targeted Trump. Michelle wrote in her post: ‘I urge everyone to respect the electoral process. The handover of powers should take place just like the former president of our country did. Referring to the last election, he said that after Donald Trump’s victory, Barack Obama transferred power peacefully.

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it was tough, but we did it

Mitchell wrote: “It was a very difficult time for us, but we respected the election results.” With the electoral defeat aside, we welcomed Donald Trump and Melania, which is not easy at all. Trump spread apartheid lies against my husband and put my family in danger. I wasn’t ready to forgive him for all these things. But I knew that to leave my anger for the country, I have to work with inner strength and maturity. ‘

Everyone should do the same

Michelle Obama said everyone should respect the electoral process. Our country is first and our democracy is much bigger than any person’s ego. He further stated that we have forgotten all our personal differences and welcomed the new president and this should be done. Please say that Joe Biden has not yet been invited to the White House on behalf of Donald Trump and Melania.

does not give up

At the same time, Donald Trump has made it clear once again that he will not give up. Trump reiterated that the elections were largely rigged, so he doesn’t think Biden won. Donald Trump is making big decisions despite his electoral defeat. Trump is believed to be issuing orders to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq this week. The Pentagon has issued a warning to American commanders, which is considered a warning order. In this notice, officers were asked to reduce the number of their troops in Iraq and Afghanistan by half (2) 500.

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