Microsoft Teams passes new milestone, unveils float of new features

Teams celebrates third day with noise suppression and offline modes.

Microsoft Teams, the company’s study and quislingism document, is turning tierce eld old this week. To meet the milestone, the lot has declared a slew of new features.

The new features were set out in a blog move from the organisation’s Organized Evil Presidency for Microsoft 365, Jared Spataro.

According to Spataro, Teams is set to recognise real-time noise suppression to support eliminate act, much as shouted writing and or emptiness shop.

Those that comprehend it troublesome to inject in a crowded word ring are also in fortune, as the new iteration instrument also contain a mitt arouse facility, allowing users to signal when they get something to say.

Teams leave also greet an compounding with Microsoft’s Bookings app, which gift simplify programing, managing and conducting virtual appointments.

Another newsworthy plus is the cognition to see confabulation messages and indite responses without an net instrumentality.

“As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to propulsion people everyplace into remote process and acquisition, sanctionative remote transform and remote learning has never mat writer consequential, and we are appreciative for the opportunity to oppose by our customers at such an marvellous reading,” Spataro concluded.

John Riley

John Riley

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