Ministry of Foreign Affairs Monitors Hundreds of Indonesian Citizens in Minneapolis After the George Floyd Case Confusion

Riots occurred in Minneapolis, United States (US), after the death of a black man, George Floyd. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu) informed that more than 200 Indonesian citizens (WNI) resided in Minneapolis and St Paul.
“According to data from the Indonesian Consulate General in Chicago, data for Indonesian citizens in the entire state of Minnesota are 948 people and 254 of them are students. Especially for the city of Minneapolis to St Paul (twin cities-because the cities are next to each other), the number of our Indonesian citizens is 270 people, ”Foreign Ministry spokesman Teuku Faizasyah told detikcom, Sunday (31/5/2020). Faizasyah revealed that his party had coordinated with the local embassy and consulate. Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi, he said, asked the Indonesian Embassy and the Indonesian Consulate to ensure the safety of Indonesian citizens there.
“The Indonesian government through the Indonesian representative in the US is closely following developments in the US following the incident that occurred in Minnesota. This is mainly related to efforts to protect Indonesian citizens, “said Faizasyah.

“The Indonesian Foreign Minister has instructed the head of the Indonesian representative in the US, both the Indonesian Embassy and the Consulate General to continue to ensure the security and safety of our Indonesian citizens in the US. For this reason, Indonesian representatives in the US have issued warnings and appeals to Indonesian citizens there and have also contacted community nodes from time to time, “he added.

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