Multiple explosion in Kabul, fear of victims: report

The alarms can be heard in embassies and businesses in and around the green zone.

Kabul, Afghanistan:

A series of loud explosions rocked central Kabul on Saturday, AFP journalists heard, including several rapid successions that looked like rockets.

No casualties were immediately reported, but the blast occurred in densely populated areas of the Afghan capital, including the green zone in the center and a neighborhood to the north.

Alarms can be heard in embassies and businesses in and around the Green Zone, a huge, heavily fortified neighborhood in which dozens of international businesses and their workers live.

Unverified photos circulating on social media show that at least two different buildings were pierced by rockets to pierce them.

Authorities did not immediately comment, but the Interior Ministry said two small “sticky bombs” exploded on Saturday morning, hitting a police car, killing one officer and injuring three others.

The explosion occurred ahead of a meeting between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Taliban negotiators and the Gulf State of Qatar of the Afghan government.

In recent months, there has been a wave of violent massacres all over Afghanistan.¬†Neither group has claimed immediate responsibility for Saturday’s explosions.

The Taliban have vowed not to attack urban areas under the US withdrawal agreement, but the Kabul administration has blamed the rebels or their supporters for the recent attacks in Kabul.

Taliban and Afghan government negotiators began peace talks in September, but progress has been slow.

Officials told AFP on Friday that a breakthrough would be announced in the coming days.

In the past six months, the Taliban have carried out 53 suicide attacks and 1,250 explosions, killing 1,210 civilians and injuring 2,500, Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arrian said this week.

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