Muslim countries win support from Russia, this statement against Charley Hebdo

New Delhi: Cartoon made on Prophet in France The controversy that started with this is not taking the name of interruption. The performances with Charley Hebdo cartoons continue. At the same time, resentment against French President Emmanuel Macro is growing in many other countries around the world. The leaders of many countries have openly threatened France. Every day a new country raises its voice against France and, surprisingly, now Russia has also entered this dispute. Recently, Muslim countries have gained Russia’s support in this matter. In fact, the statement by the supreme leader of Russia arrived in France amid the ongoing controversy over the cartoons made by Charley Hebdo.

Impossible to publish the cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in Russia

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov (Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov) from Russia protested the comic print in a statement. Peskov said such cartoons about Islam in Russia cannot be printed. Dmitry Peskov made this statement during a conversation with an FM radio station Kommersant.

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Reaction of Russian leader to French teacher Samuel Patty

He continued, calling the cartoon shown by French teacher Samuel Patty at school a “terrible tragedy”. He further clarified why the publication of cartoons like Charley Hebdo in Russia was not possible. In a conversation with FM, when asked to make cartoons if the Prophet Mohammed cartoon was accepted, he didn’t react.

Even in Islam the prohibition of cartoon depiction

He said that, even in Islam, many teachers are forbidden to draw cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. In the year 2015, for the Prophet Muhammad cartoon printing, brothers named Sad and Cherif Kochi broke into Charley Hebdo’s office and opened fire. In this incident, four cartoonists, two columnists, an editor, a custodian were killed, including the magazine’s editor. The director’s bodyguard and a police officer were also killed in the attack. After that, every time this comic was printed on the magazine page, people started demonstrating.

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Still a big controversy when Patty is shown in class

Recently, a French teacher, Samuel Patty, showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in his class. After this 16 a 19 year old Chechen in October The teacher was brutally murdered. Expressing his displeasure with the president, Emmanuel Macron, the French president posthumously declared him France’s highest civil honor after this incident. As a result of the controversy, last week a man was attacked with a knife by a man outside a church in France, in which three people, including a woman, were killed. After this incident 31 In October, a pastor was shot dead outside his church in the city of Leon, France. The vignette controversy is steadily increasing.

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