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NASA is now sending ice-hunting rover to the moon

The location of the robot’s landing spot has been announced by the space agency.

A NASA investigation has previously proven that there is water in the moon’s crater. The water in this container is in the shape of ice. However, the United States space agency will launch a new mission to determine where and how it is located.

In a statement released on Monday, the corporation stated that a spacecraft will be launched to the moon in 2023 to conduct research. The ‘Volatile Investigating Polar Exploration Rover,’ also known as the Viper robotic spacecraft, will land in a region known as Noble Crater near the South Pole’s South Pole. The Nobel Crater, which is 45 miles wide, will be operational for around 100 days after it arrives.

NASA has had a long-standing desire to send robotic vehicles to the Chadian polar region. It is believed that ice water has become trapped in the craters of this location.

NASA is hopeful that the robotic vehicle will be able to locate the frozen water beneath the crater’s surface. If the mission is a success, this region of the moon will be transformed into an ideal location for future astronauts to live and work. Because it is from here that you will be able to obtain drinkable water as well as the oxygen required for respiration. Eventually, it might potentially offer rocket fuel for missions to return to Earth or to journey beyond the solar system’s boundaries.

Scientists believed that the moon was extremely dry when humans first set foot on it and transported fragments of granite back to Earth after landing on it. However, many observations and a variety of data from distinct satellites give convincing proof of the presence of water on the moon. Following this, NASA published a detailed analysis on the amount of water present on the moon. According to legend, the moon contains 600 million metric tonnes of ice water. {via TNW }

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