Neck Massage Can Cause Stroke | Caution: This one habit can increase your risk of’stroke’.

Today is World Stroke Day. When the blood supply to any part of the brain suddenly stops, the cells (cells) in that part die. This condition is called a stroke or brain attack. But, have you ever thought that a massage in a beauty salon could put you at risk of stroke?

Yes, you can even go directly to the hospital from a beauty salon you approach for comfort, fashion and beauty. In fact, getting a massage at a parlor or doing a’massage’ for relaxation can have a negative impact on your brain. Even a stroke can be a cause.

Dr. Chandril Chugh, a neurologist at Max Hospital, said similar cases were reported in Rashtriya Rajnadhi Delhi, where Vandana, who resided there, was taken to the hospital with a stiff neck, doctors initially said she could no longer get up. During the massage in the parlor, the pain began in the veins going from the neck to the brain. Two years have passed since this incident. Bandana, who was hospitalized for three days two years ago, has been treated but is still being treated.

Keep these things in mind.
Patient Vandana says there are many important veins leading to the spine and brain behind the neck. However, a lot of people massaging this area can cause serious problems, such as stiff necks by incorrectly pressing the veins. Some people can even get a stroke by doing yoga the wrong way. Neck massage should be avoided in the opinion of the doctor. Get a light massage if necessary. It is not recommended for wrestlers and beginners to massage the neck.

Why Stroke Occurs:
Brain storage can occur for a number of reasons. High blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, increased cholesterol, excessive consumption of junk food, pollution and stress are among the most important reasons.

Treatment or precautions:-
According to doctors, games such as regular exercise, meditation, fresh air, drinking more water, and solving chess or puzzles are considered good to improve brain health.

That said, damage to most lifestyles, our bad habits, is often pushing us into permanent illness. Most importantly, if you have blood pressure or diabetes, control both of these diseases with medication and a better lifestyle. If you exercise regularly, even 30 minutes of walking at the same time. Let’s do yoga and meditation. Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods that allow you to control the amount of salt, oil, sugar, and carbohydrates can reduce your risk of stroke.

What do the figures say?
One in four is at risk of stroke. Twenty percent of stroke victims are under the age of 40. Strokes are more common in towns than in cities. Stroke is the second leading cause of death in India.

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