Nepalese opposition protests as China continues to invade Nepal | World news

Prominent leader of the Nepalese parliament, Jiban Bahadur Shahi, has publicly revealed that China has invaded Nepal’s territory at Humla. In an interview with Himalayan television channel, Shahi revealed that China had built a building in Humla’s Nepali land and occupied the area. He also argued that China is rapidly erecting more and more buildings in adjacent areas beyond the border pillar 12 of the international border between the two countries.

He stressed that the construction was done in the form of maintenance and that Nepalese authorities had no knowledge of this, and that Chinese officials in charge of the construction did not heed the requests and claims of the residents of Humla. He claimed that the Chinese officials at the construction site had long been pastures for local ranches, so when they got there, they dispelled the pastures with livestock.

He added that because Humla lacks infrastructure, China is using these constructions as bait to lure local populations and build hegemony there. Shahi also claimed that the land of Lapcha in Humla, where Mansarovar was easily visible, was also occupied by China.

He claimed that the ruling Nepalese Communist Party (NCP)’surrendered’ the land to China. He cited objections to the infringement that mattered for’national integrity’, saying his party would raise the issue and oppose it in local councils.

Shahi said in an interview with the Nepalese radio network that Humla’s Chief District Officer (CDO) aide had already submitted a report that China had built nine buildings around the 12th border post in Nepali land in Humla. He also claimed that before the return of armed police and inspectors from Nepalese military, he and CDO foreign minister Pradeep Kawari spoke cleanly to China, claiming that there was no border dispute with China. He claimed that the CDO assistant was fired from his post for reporting land invasion in China, and his report was fabricated by the Nepalese Ministry of Interior.

Nepal’s strategists and thinkers are increasingly concerned about China’s frequent land invasion. In a recent interview with Sagarmatha TV on October 15, Dr. Umesh Bhattarai, a strategy expert and former soldier of the Nepalese Army, said that before the inspection team report on Humla land acquisition was submitted, the Nepalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has no border disputes with China at all. He also recalled that the website of the Nepalese Ministry of Agriculture itself reflects the existence of several border disputes with China, from Taplegunj to Humla.

Recently, Nepalese media reported that China had invaded more than seven areas in Nepal. As soon as Shahi’s interview was aired through the Nepalese media, KP Olly PM discussed strategies for overcoming embarrassment over domestic and international problems with his fellow people.

By supporting propaganda against India and the so-called’occupation’ of Nepal’s land by India, the NCP can escape the attention of Nepalese citizens in the issue of China’s land invasion. This was regained on October 15, under the direction of Prime Minister Oli, as 21 left-wing parties gathered in Kathmandu to protest against Nepali land allegedly’invaded’ by India, and based on the Nepalese government’s recent guidance issues.

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