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All these services have been producing their changes and have immediately been following the requests of EU for its internal market and services. It’s noted thought that Amazon will also reduce the quality when there’s a need.

The Movie and TV people have been getting used to some reduced level of picture quality when they stream their preferred services for a while at least. Both Amazon in addition to YouTube have verified on this Friday which they are going to be reducing the video streaming in the European Union for making sure that they do not face any bandwidth issues while the pandemic of coronavirus continues.

The two companies have joined Netflix that had declared that they would be cutting the quality in European Union for its standard definition.

A spokesperson of YouTube has in his statement said that they have made their commitment of switching all the traffic in European Union into the standard definition for a defaultoption.

The spokesperson of Amazon in his statement has stated they need to manage the telecom services attentively for ensuring they can handle the requirement increase of internet so that everyone who’s currently home does not need to head out.

The video streaming giant has ever been a significant internet traffic source in the Earth, Netflix has made a commitment of cutting on their download rate by 25 percent. The company has stated that it was going to reduce their video bitrates and consequently lower the streaming quality

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John Riley

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