Netflix removes sensitive episode from this series

Political tensions are at stake. That’s why Netflix feels compelled to delete an episode.

Netflix is ​​available in more than 190 countries. And these are by no means all countries in the free Western world as we know them. It is therefore sometimes the case that the American streaming service is forced to adjust content when a country requests it. This time it was that time again. Netflix has had to remove an episode from a popular series.

This is the political thriller Designated Survivor . The series can also be seen on Netflix in Turkey and there it has caused political tensions. In the seventh episode of the second season, there is a fictional conflict between Turkey and the United States. The Turkish president in the series is manipulating the American president.

Reason for Turkey to intervene. Netflix has therefore had to remove this specific episode from the series. The measure is only effective in Turkey. Other countries can still just watch the episode.

It is an unpleasant development for the neutral viewer in Turkey. Deleting the episode on Netflix removes a small part of the story. Fortunately, the episodes are covered in Designated Survivor . For example, it is not the case that an important plot dispute is lost.

Herbert Clark

Herbert Clark

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