Netflix reveals how they continue with production Originals

The production of Netflix Originals is basically stopped due to corona. Still, the streaming giant has come up with some clever tricks to continue.

Netflix recently set another solid record with an Original, but you both agreed that the flick wasn’t all that interesting at all. That is why the largest streaming service has to get back to work with new gems. Don’t worry, because slowly the content giant is picking up the thread again. Despite the corona crisis, Netflix is ​​going to resume production thanks to some simple tricks.

Netflix disinfects, masks and distributes pre-packed lunch
In an interview with the LA Times , Netflix chief Ted Sarandos says that the production of Originals is slowly but surely continuing. For example, he refers to international shows (think of our own Undercover ) which, depending on the location, can slowly be recorded safely again.

Disinfectant, masks and gloves are also an integral part of the production. If someone shows signs of a cold, production stops. Members of the crew each get prepackaged lunches instead of a large buffet that everyone passes over.

Not everything can be solved
But what about what… more intimate scenes where 1.5 meters away is impossible? I mean, The Lord of the Rings (which you can check on Netflix ) would never have ended well if Frodo hadn’t been able to be carried that last bit up by Sam. There is currently no solution for such scenes.

Sarandos argues that the production of more intimate scenes should be postponed. For example, could writers change the script so that a hot sex scene is interrupted by a gas explosion or something? Or, the CEO says, filmmakers can creatively shoot scenes to make it look like intimacy is taking place.

For example, the production of Netflix Originals is slowly but surely resumed. Fortunately, until all the new content is released, the streaming service still has enough ‘old’ material for you. Check here what is coming to Netflix in May.

Vanessa Guess

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