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Netflix takes a different approach and has removed phone numbers from Squid Game.

Following a public outcry, Netflix has chosen to delete the existing telephone numbers from the Squid Game website.

As a result of the ballooning success of Squid Game, the American streaming service Netflix has come under fire as well. A variety of phone numbers can be observed throughout the series. For this, the creators used genuine numbers gathered from a random sample of South Koreans. Those individuals, on the other hand, were victims of the enormous success of Squid Game. After all, Netflix has now entered the fray.

In the Squid Game, Netflix has removed phone numbers from the game.

The series will be removed from the Netflix streaming service in the United States because the phone numbers are real. Several scenes have phone numbers that can be identified. There have already been multiple reports in South Korean media regarding innocent persons who were called by those who had seen the show without their knowledge. While it has been customary practise in Hollywood for years to use a fictitious phone number, it appears that South Koreans are less conscientious in this regard.

You will notice a false phone number if you just remove or add a number from the list. That is something that a knee ear is aware of. Additionally, this is quite beneficial to those who have a legitimate phone number. Allow it to serve as a lesson to those who create films and television series. Being true to one’s nature is a wonderful thing, but being too true to one’s nature is dangerous.(via The Verge )

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