New Zealand elections: Jasinda Ardern wins again, record of votes in the second inning

Jacinda ardern

Jasinda Ardern has once again become the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Auckland: Jasinda Ardern is once again the Prime Minister of New Zealand. On Saturday he recorded a stunning general election victory for his second term.

General Election to Jasinda’s Party 49 Percentage Vote

Most of the votes were counted in New Zealand. Jesinda’s Liberal Labor Party (40) has so far

in total votes. The percentage of votes has been reached. At the same time, its rival National Conservative Party only got 27 percent of the vote. The Liberal Labor Party had long wanted a clear majority in Parliament. This has not happened since the introduction of the proportional voting system in the country 24 years ago. The party had to form alliances with various parties to form a government in the country. This time, this dream of Jasinda and her party has come true. 

Addressed to supporters after the vote count

After counting the majority of the votes, Jasinda turned to her supporters saying that her party had 50 huge support this time in the history of the year. it has been found. He said this is not a normal time. We live in such a polarized world where more and more people have lost the ability to listen to the opinions of others.

Jacinda came into the world due to a hard blockade

She explains that at the end of March this year, when only 100 Corona virus infection was confirmed in New Zealand. Then they implemented a tightly restricted lockdown in New Zealand. His plan worked, and the country did not allow community-wide infection for 102 days. However, new cases of Kovid – were detected in Auckland in August. Subsequently, he promptly implemented a second block here and stopped the new spread of the virus. The new cases went only to those returning from abroad.

National party leader congratulates Jasinda

Jesinda postponed elections by one month due to outbreak of outbreak in Auckland. She became the country’s prime minister after forming an alliance with two other parties in the 2017 election of the year. After counting the votes, National Party leader Judith Collins told her supporters she would call Jasinda and wish her good luck. Collins was a lawyer. He promised in the elections to cut taxes on the Kovid 19 epidemic which caused the economy to recession.

Gave birth to a child while in office

Let us tell you that Jesinda Ardern is the second such leader in the world who gave birth to a child while in this constitutional position 2017 and the whole world have become “role models. role ”for working mothers. Its popularity chart increased earlier this year to make successful efforts to stop the spread of corona virus infection. Due to their 50 efforts, this country with a population of hundreds of thousands is not spreading the virus at the community level right now.


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