Now it’s Emraan Khan’s turn to leave! Thousands of people took to the streets to protest

Islamabad: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Along with opposition parties, Awam also clashed with (Imran Khan). On Wednesday, thousands of people took to the streets and demonstrated against government policies. One thing is clear from this protest organized by the leadership of various unions that people are now fed up with Imran Khan.

March of government personnel

Thousands of people demonstrated in front of Parliament to protest against government policies. It also included government employees, farmers, teachers, doctors, health workers and retirees. Protesters oppose the price increase, which in their words is the government’s “anti-addict policy”. Imran Khan’s senses are blown away by the participation of such a large number of people. He is making every effort to quell people’s anger.


The women stand

) The government has assured the people to resolve the issue through dialogue. After this reassurance from the government, some protesters have ended their sit-in, but the women are firm in their position. A large number of female health workers gathered at D-Chowk in Islamabad. They demand equal pay, work insurance and safety. By the way, these are not such requests, which cannot be accepted. Especially when the Prime Minister has claimed to be benevolent towards the daily wage earners. Imran argues that Pakistan’s economic situation is not good and that there is a lot of debt on it.

The unity of the opposition will be seen today

The opposition will hold a big demonstration against the Imran government today (Friday). This is the first demonstration of the opposition in the proposed protests against the government. The opposition formed an alliance called the “Pakistan Democratic Movement” (PDM) to oust Imran from power. 20 The PDM was announced at the meeting of the 11 opposition of the main parties in September.

Action at the behest of Imran

Imran is deeply troubled by this great opposition alliance. He has realized that the next few days will be difficult for him, so he is committed to taking action against opposition leaders. The day before the Maha rally, 450 other activists from the opposition parties were arrested in different parts of Punjab and Lahore in Pakistan. The opposition has called this move by the government a revenge action. However, the administration says an action has been taken for violating the Crown rules. According to Punjab Police, COVID – 19 from different parts of Punjab province 766930 in violation of guidelines. People were arrested. Most of them are PML-N and PDM workers.

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