Operation Sunrise-3 launched by the Myanmar army, rebel groups will be strengthened

New Delhi: Indo-Myanmar Border (Indo- To crack down on rebel groups operating on the border with Myanmar, the Myanmar army launched Operation Sunrise-3. Zee News had already revealed in its report that the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang (NSCN-K) led by Yung Aung is trying to strengthen its position within Myanmar. Various NSCN groups are plotting to attack Indian security forces. This conspiracy will be foiled through Operation Sunrise-3.

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Plan implemented during the visit of the Army Chief of Staff

Indian Foreign Minister Harsh Shringla and Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane spent a two-day visit to Myanmar this month. During this period the talks between the two countries on joint action against rebel groups active in the northeastern regions and in Myanmar. An Indian security official said special units of the Myanmar army are engaged in conducting search operations in search of the NSCN-K and other groups in various locations in the Sagaing region of Myanmar. The Myanmar army is also campaigning towards the eastern side of the Manipur River.

Intrusion plot through Mizoram border

There are fears that rebel groups are plotting to infiltrate India via the Mizoram border via the Indo-Burmese border. Last year, Myanmar and the Indian Army 17 carried out the first phase of ‘Operation Sunrise-1’ between February and March 2 and 16 In May another operation called ‘Operation Sunrise 2’ was carried out. During this period, the camps of several rebel groups along the Indo-Burmese border were destroyed. However, in the second phase of “Operation Sunrise 2” the Myanmar army was also damaged by soldiers close to the Myanmar army who lost their lives. .

The Arakan army becomes a threat to Kaladan

Despite the joint operations of the two armies, the rebel group Arakan Army is camped in several areas of the Longthalai district of Mizoram, which pose a threat to the Kaladan project. The Kaladan multi-model transport project is seen as a gateway to India’s Southeast Asia. India entered into an agreement with Myanmar in April 2008 for this project. Through this, Mizoram will be connected to Myanmar’s Rakhine Sittwe port.

According to officials following India’s border with Myanmar, Arakan’s army has established several camps along the Indo-Burmese border. Indian agencies are constantly monitoring developments on the Indo-Burmese border. 2018 There were more rebel camps in Myanmar than in the northeast 50.

Recruiting young people

In May of this year, the Myanmar army assigned the Indian government to 22 rebels operating in Assam and the northeastern states. Long-sought rebels in Manipur and Assam were flown by special plane. This was the first time that the Myanmar government handed over the leaders of the rebel groups in the northeast to India. COVID – 19 insurgent groups active in the northeastern states and on the Indo-Burmese border are trying to take advantage of the massive unemployment caused by the outbreak. He is constantly plotting to recruit young people into his organizations.

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