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Oppo has announced the official internal code name for ColorOS 12.

Oppo has announced the official internal code name for ColorOS 12, which is ColorOS 12.

OPPO had previously announced that the latest version of the ColorOS operating system would be officially launched in China between mid-September and the end of September. The ColorOS 12 is expected to be released towards the end of September, but OPPO has not yet confirmed an exact launch date for the new version of its proprietary Android overlay software.

The company is currently testing the functionality of the next software. ColorOS 12 has a head start on OPPO ColorOS ‘official microblogging site. Through a post on ColorOS ‘official Weibo account, the company also revealed the internal code name for the ColorOS 12 operating system. The official internal code name of ColorOS 12 is Da Vinci, a tribute to the all-round genius who is considered to be the most brilliant person in human history.

We already know that Leonardo da Vinci was not only a brilliant painter, but also a skilled technician, scientist and expert in a myriad of other fields. As a result, ColorOS is using the internal code name Da Vinci to imply that the new mobile software will be an all-round operating system.

ColorOS 12, according to previously announced information, will provide a new user interface (UI) and cross-platform interactions. According to reports, not only does the new oppo software include cross-screen connectivity, but it is also among the frontrunners in terms of usability and fluency.

ColorOS 12 not only supports real-time interaction between mobile devices and computers, it also offers cross-device file transfer and editing, quick synchronization of photo screenshots, clipboard sharing, message synchronization and other features that make it a convenient all-round operating system.

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