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OPPO launched Android 12 with the ColorOS12 extension, which was developed by the company.

Recently, it may have seemed impossible to avoid discussing the new Android 12 operating system, which introduces a number of new features as well as the Material Design language. Despite the fact that the technology has been accessible for quite some time, manufacturers are still working on the latest editions of their superstructures. Testing has already begun at the highest levels by Samsung, Xiaomi, and Realme, with the OPPO brand, which has just released the global version of ColorOS 12, not far behind.

ColorOS 12 is now available, according to OPPO.

As stated by the company’s officials, the new ColorOS 12 will include an entirely new UI, smoother and more elegant animations, and a slew of advanced capabilities that will help users become more productive.

The developers also worked on optimization; for example, they concentrated on lagging and stuttering the system after continuous usage of the phone, particularly in the context of antifragmentation or intelligent resource allocation.

Among the benefits of their efforts are a 2.75 percent increase in system age (within three years), an average 30 percent reduction in memory usage, and a 20% reduction in battery consumption, according to their claims.

According to the current information, it is not known when the phones from the OPPO Reno5 series, which are also available on our market, will be upgraded. Let’s hope that the company doesn’t take an excessive amount of time and that the software is ready as soon as possible.

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