Outside “HMS Bubble” for Queen Ventures Secret Lab without a mask

Queen Elizabeth II is seen after the official unveiling of a plaque to open the new Center for Energy Analysis

Salisbury, United Kingdom:

Queen Elizabeth II made her first public visit to a royal residence after the start of a coronovirus outbreak on Thursday, visiting a top secret research lab, but appeared without a face mask.

The 94-year-old Emperor and his grandson Prince William visited the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) in Porton Down, south-west England, which helped study Kovid- 19.

Discussing the current second wave, the Queen commented: “It’s repeating itself again.” When told he was growing up he said, “Well, I guess that was planned?”

“Predict, ma’am, yes,” replied Professor Tim Atkins, who coordinated Dstl’s response, to which the Emperor replied, “With all these terrible new things…”

The Queen and William were not wearing a face mask, but arrived separately and stayed two meters away, while aide said all 48 people had been tested for the coronavirus due to their close contact with the royal family.

It was the Emperor’s first public engagement outside one of his homes – where she was a domestic worker known as “HMS Bubble” – since she had joined a Commonwealth Day service at the Westminster Abbey on March 9.

As coronoviruses swept across Britain, she and her husband Prince Philip, 99, retreated to Windsor Castle in London for the first time since a young age.

He spent time at his residence in Balmoral, North East Scotland and Sandringham in East England before returning to Windsor last week.

The Queen quickly gave the nation two television addresses during the outbreak, which has killed more than 43,000 people in Britain – the highest toll in Europe.

At Porton Down, the Queen and Prince William also met with staff involved in the identification of Novichok, who in 2018 attempted to kill Russian double agent Sergey Skripal in the nearby town of Salisbury.

Skripal and her daughter Yulia survived the attack, but a homeless woman who came into contact with a bottle of perfume thought the nerve agent died four months later.

Britain and its allies blamed Russia, and the incident prompted a major expulsion of Russian diplomats from Western countries. Moscow has denied any involvement.

During the visit, Rani officially opened an Explosive Materials Research Center, the New Energy Analysis Center.

He and William were to display weapons and tactics used in counterintelligence.

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