Oxford has prepared the special COVID test kit, the report will be available in minutes

Rapid antigen kit

Researchers say this test kit can be used to conduct mass testing on large numbers of people at airports and businesses.


London: Scientists at the University of Oxford have now developed a rapid antigen kit to test for corona virus, which can complete the entire process in just 5 minutes. Researches released details on this Thursday. Along with this, he claimed that they can be used in mass testing of a large number of people at airports and companies.

The special feature of this device is that it can detect and detect other viruses and corona viruses with great accuracy.

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2021 will be available from

Oxford Physics Department Professor Achilles Kapanedis said: “Our method is one that quickly detects viral particles. It will be very simple, very fast and at a low cost.

Researchers expect production of this rapid antigen test kit to begin in early 2021 I’ll Go. Additionally, it will also be available for large-scale use within just 6 months.

He explains that the rapid antigen test has been very useful and popular for testing corona virus over the past few months. Researchers say that once this device is in use, its cost will drop further. They said its price will be lower than the currently available device.

This test will be more successful in the winter season because then the coronavirus will once again be at its peak.

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