Pakistan: An explosion in Muskan Churangi, Karachi, killing 3 and wounding several

New Delhi: in Karachi, Pakistan. A two-story building blew up at Churangi’s residence in Karachi. Three people were killed in this explosion, which occurred in Pakistan, while many people were reported injured. Nearby buildings were also damaged. According to Pakistani officials, all the wounded and dead were taken to Battil Hospital. The cause of the explosion has not yet been confirmed.

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According to the SHO of the Mobina City Police Station, it looks like a cylindrical explosion. The bomb disposal squad is investigating the cause of the explosion. Enforcement agencies and rescue teams have arrived at the scene. The entire area is sealed off. According to Pakistani media reports, the explosion occurred on the second floor of the building.

Let us tell you that a bomb blast occurred at a bus stop near the Shirin Jinnah settlement in Karachi yesterday. Five people were injured in this explosion. It was said that an explosive device has exploded.

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