Pakistan lifts ban in 10 days to block TikTok with pornography | World news

Islamabad: Pakistan’s telecommunications surveillance team unblocked after confirming with authorities on Monday (October 20) that TikTok, a popular video-sharing app in China, would repeatedly close all accounts spreading “obscene and immoral”.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) banned the app on October 9 after receiving numerous complaints about unscrupulous content.

The PTA tweeted that it decided to lift the ban with confidence that it would repeatedly block all accounts related to the dissemination of obscene and immorality by (TikTok) management. According to the tweet, “TikTok will mediate accounts in accordance with local laws.”

Earlier, the PTA claimed that the video-sharing app failed to block obscene and immoral content even if it was heard multiple times.

The lifting of the restrictions came after TikTok announced on Saturday that it would reallocate more resources to improve services in Pakistan.

“If the Pakistani government decides to resume access to our services in the future, we will certainly assess our resource allocation to this market,” he said in a statement.

This app is very popular, it has been installed 43 million times in Pakistan and 14.7 million installed in 2020 alone.

Popular apps allow users to create short music, lip sync, dance, comedy and talent videos.

Owned by China’s ByteDance, TikTok holds the crosshairs around the world. Indian and US governments have already banned it for security reasons.

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