Pakistan: More than 5 billion rupees of wheat disappeared from the government camp

Pakistan There was a huge shortage of wheat and flour in Pakistan and the price rose wildly.

Karachi: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Pakistan’s anti-corruption agency, said in a report that 5 billion

government camps in the province of Sindh crore 50 lakh Pakistani rupee worth 1 lakh 64 thousand 797 tons of wheat were found missing. According to a Pakistani news channel report, the NAB has 11 Arabs

in nine districts of Sindh.
Teams investigated government camps in nine districts. During the raid it was found that 5 billion 35 crores

come from government camps. 1 lakh 64 thousand
Rs. MT is missing wheat.

The NAB report states that in the event of wheat disappearance, officials and food officials concerned while accepting their mistake received 2 billion from ‘Plei Bargain’

crore 20 lakhs rupees.

NAB said the investigation found that Karachi was sent from nine districts of the Sakkhar, Larkana and Benazirabad divisions in Sindh. 85 crore 56 lakh 80 thousand rupees. The price of a thousand tons of wheat did not reach Karachi’s godowns.

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The anti-corruption agency NAB said that the food department official and many other people were involved in this wheat scandal and theft. Four cases have been registered against them and cases are also being registered.

Significantly, there was a great shortage of wheat and flour in Pakistan a few months ago, and its price had risen sharply.

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