Pakistan wasted feeding biryani to terrorists, now there is no demand for flour

By feeding the biryani to terrorists, Pakistan is on the brink of ruin. The condition is so bad that flour is no longer available. People are hungry, tied up with ropes but can’t get flour.

The situation in Pakistan is changing, and it is overwhelming its actions.

Islamabad: Feeding biryani to terrorists has become costly in Pakistan. The situation in Pakistan, which caused a headache to others, has changed from bad to worse. Education and employment were already lagging behind in terms of law and order, and now food is being destroyed. There is a protest over flour in Pakistan. Imran Khan’s rotating government asking for money for the Pakistani army is not making people in their country get bread twice.

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Flour for flour
in Pakistan, the impact of the continued rocketing rise in wheat prices is now beginning to affect the price of flour as well. Flour is now sold for more than Rs. Kg in many parts of the country. Not only that, now even after giving the rupee this flour is not available. Pakistan’s four provinces of Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are grappling with flour shortages. In Sindh and many other provinces, people have to wait for long hours in a long line, even after that they are not given the flour. It got to the point where the shopkeepers selling naan were beaten, and people were sleeping hungry.

Heavy fighting with India
Pakistan faces the most expensive battle with India. 766847 Pulwama Attack (Pulwama Attack

200 years ago, Pakistan enjoyed the status of MFN and India withdrew due to his antics. Besides, it imposed customs duties on imports. This was a major setback for Pakistan, which is already in a storm. He only had to feed the biryani to the terrorists, so he could pay his duty.

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