Pakistani Court Imprisonment Yahya Mujahid, JuD Spokesman, Led by Hafiz Saeed for 15 Years | World news

Lahore : ㅏ Pakistani anti-terrorism court sentenced Yahya Mujahid, spokesman for Jammat-ud-Dawah (JuD) of Hafiz Saeed, who led the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack in a terrorist financing case, to 15 years in prison

Mujahid was sentenced to 32 years in prison by an anti-terrorist court in two cases of terrorist financing in November. In addition to Mujahid, on Wednesday, ATC Lahore sentenced JuD’s chief leader Zafar Iqbal to 15 years in prison and JuD’s chief Hafiz Saeed’s brother-in-law, Professor Hafiz Abdul Rehman Makki, to six months in prison.

Earlier, ATC Lahore sentenced Iqbal to 26 years in prison for three such cases. ATC Judge Ijaz Ahmad Buttar issued a ruling at FIR 42 in 2019 under several provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997. When the judge announced the verdict, three convictions were in the court.

The Punjab Police Department of Counterterrorism (CTD) has registered 41 FIRs against JuD leaders, including Saeed in several cities. The trial court has so far determined 25 cases. ATC has sentenced Saeed to 21 years in prison for financing terrorism under Article 11-N of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1997 for four cases so far.

JuD, led by Saeed, is the frontline organization of Lashkar-e-Taiba, which carried out an attack on Mumbai in 2008 that killed 166 people, including six Americans.
The United States has designated Saeed as a specially designated global terrorist and has provided Saeed a $10 million bounty since 2012.

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