Paris Sees 700km Long Traffic Congestion Begins Second COVID-19 Blockade in France | World news

France has been shut down nationwide to curb the COVID-19 pandemic that threatens to go out of control again. Shortly before returning to blockade, Paris witnessed hundreds of kilometers of traffic jams.

During the blockade, the citizens of Paris, along with the remaining 67 million, were trapped at home for the second time in seven months from Friday. But on Thursday evening, with a mouth open, traffic jams in the area around Paris increased by about 700 kilometers (435 miles), according to the Associated Press.

Many Parisians didn’t wait to get stuck in a generally cramped apartment for 4 weeks. Highways around the capital descended to the scene of traffic chaos during the night as residents fled the capital. Many people turned to country or family homes where there was more space.

A lot of people were leaving for an important All Saints Day holiday this weekend. French President Emmanuel Macron said authorities would be tolerant of families returning from Monday holidays. Otherwise, travel between regions is strictly prohibited. As reported by RT webiste, the situation was very similar in the cities of Lyon and Bordeaux, hours before the blockade took effect.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Mark Long said the new measure reflects the eight-week blockade enforced by France in the spring when hospitalization and deaths from the Corona 19 epidemic culminated. However, unlike previous closures, most schools will remain open, Macron said.

Friday began a nationwide blockade imposed by the government for four weeks in France to fight the reviving coronavirus that is sweeping and threatening the country’s health system.

Citizens have been ordered to stay at home at all times without visitors, or face steep fines or prosecution. You can exercise for an hour a day, make a medical appointment, or shop for necessities. On Fridays in the popular 10th district, India was generally empty, with a few passers-by rushing past and grabbing the closed exception form.

Restaurants and cafes are closed except for restaurants and cafes serving take-out, such as the brightly lit McDonald’s near Stalingrad Metro Station. The only busy place was a supermarket where residents stocked up essential food and goods.

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