People who visit hospitals even after corona recovery see side effects | People going to hospital after recovering from corona, showing side effects

New Delhi: Over 670,000 people across the country have been treated for defeating the coronavirus pandemic. However, there are many patients who continue to return to the hospital. He did not recover even after recovering from corona. Even today, due to various problems, they are imprisoned in their homes or taken to hospitals.

Vineet’s Story A
similar story is about the 27-year-old Vineet. On August 14, Vineet sighed of relief when he saw that the corona report was negative. But his problems were not over. They still have other problems such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, or fever with weakness. Because of this, they cannot get out of the house.

The doctors explained why
doctors, blood clots in many patients begin to accumulate after recovering from corona infection. Due to this, the oxygen level begins to drop rapidly. The heart has to work harder to supply blood. Viral infection in the stomach increases inflammation of the heart muscle. On angiography of this patient, the heart arteries are normal, but the symptom is a heart attack. After a lot of pain, it can take a long time for your body to return to its original state.

Side effects appearing between 15 days and 3 months
Dr. Ajit Jain, Kovid Center Nodal Officer at Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital in Delhi, says the Post Covid Care Center is rapidly opening up to private hospitals by the government. After 15 days, someone gets sick again after 3 months. In addition to the side effects of corona, many people are again cornered by corona infection. The government is also wary of such incidents.

Care is needed even after recovery.
Dr. Balaram Bhargava, head of ICMR, said the body produces antibodies after being infected with the corona. There has been a lot of research into how long these antibodies last. Some said it lasts for 3 months, some say it lasts for 4 months, and someone says it lasts for 5 months. This is a new disease. And if it lasts for 5 months, it lasts for 5 months, and a lack of antibodies can lead to infection, so taking precautions is very important.

‘Better Immunity’
Coalition Health Minister Rajesh Bhushan , the most lethal weapon against the corona, says your immunity is a weapon to fight corona This is why Corona makes you worry less than anyone else in your lifetime. Therefore, strengthen your immunity. Eat fresh, hot food. Keep taking lukewarm water. Stay away from junk and cold foods. Do yoga and exercise to reduce air conditioner use and stay healthy. To date, it has proven to be the most effective vaccine against coronavirus.

Infectious diseases are recovered physically and financially.
Coronavirus not only made people physically and mentally ill, but it also hurt their backs financially. Many patients suffering from the plight of government hospitals have been admitted to private hospitals. By the time he returned home after recovery, his bank balance with him weakened. Although many states tried to control the bill. In Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, there can be no more than 10,000 people for general wards, 15,000 for intensive care units and 18,000 for ICU beds with ventilators, but patient complaints have not decreased.

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