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Photo editing applications for Android and iOS phones that will be most popular in 2021

In 2021, the best picture editing apps for Android and iOS phones will be revealed.

The following are some of the finest picture editing applications that can be used on Android or iOS devices to enhance photos using filters and other features.

The following are the top picture editing applications to use in 2021: Visual communication in the form of photographs has become an inextricable element of the modern era. If an article or a narrative has visually appealing elements, readers are more likely to engage with it. And although some individuals are naturally endowed with the ability to do so, the majority of us depend on editing to create a surreal atmosphere. As a result, it’s a good thing that there are many best picture editing apps for Android and iOS available today that are tailored to your specific needs. On Android and iOS devices, you have conventional alternatives such as Google Photos and Apple Photos, which are both excellent choices. Make collages and add images or text to them with this programme. A variety of choices are available for your smartphone, including Android and iOS models. Here are some of the finest picture editing applications that you can use on your smartphone.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop is a name that everyone is familiar with. For many years, it has been the go-to picture editing tool for professionals. And the Photoshop Express is just a mobile version of the programme that is designed to operate on a smaller screen. You may login in with your Adobe Creative Cloud account to get access to all of the material that has been saved. Alternatively, you may upload a picture and alter its backdrop or delete a portion of it. Increase the exposure of a picture or change the temperature of the image. You have the ability to accomplish everything. Just establish a free Adobe ID, which will then enable you to store the modified pictures to your device once you’ve finished editing them.

Picsart Photo Editor

Picsart picture editor is the first application on our list. Not only does it allow you to edit pictures, but it also allows you to make fast adjustments to movies. Image filters, picture effects, and background removal are all possible. You may also use various textures to give a distinct texture to photos. It also has the capability of adding text to pictures and using designer fonts. It also has an artificial intelligence-powered smart selection tool that allows for the fast removal of items from a picture when necessary. When it comes to videos, you may edit them before uploading them to Instagram or TikTok. You may edit the material and create a slideshow with music to accompany it.


Another popular option among photographers, it has all of the fundamental tools you’d expect from a picture editing programme. Images may be cropped, frames or text can be added, and the image’s quality can be sharpened if necessary. In contrast, the precision marking tool in Snapseed, which is favoured by photographers to blur away the backdrop in order to bring the primary subject into better focus, is where the app truly shines. Using the editor also makes it easier to keep track of the edit history of any picture you’ve previously altered on the app.


VSCO is well-known for its extensive collection of filters. Aside from that, it allows you to modify pictures by cropping them, adding borders, and adding vignettes. It also enables you to make adjustments to the image’s temperature, colour, and skin tone.Because VSCO has its own online community, you may either share these pictures on the site itself, or distribute them widely via Instagram or WhatsApp, or send them to pals individually.

Prisma Photo Editor

With Prisma, you can turn your pictures into realistic paintings or sketches that seem like they were done by hand. The findings are obtained via the use of neural networks and, most likely, some kind of artificial intelligence processing. It has more than 500 filters that allow you to be more creative with your images. And after you’ve done that, you should make it available to a huge number of people.


Canva is another popular editing tool that we’ll include at the end of this article. But that’s not all; Canva is also capable of generating new templates, posters, and other marketing materials for use at the workplace. Photo editing software allows you to upload pictures and modify them with additional components such as filters and other effects before sharing them on social media.


For those who like sharing food pictures on Instagram on a regular basis, Foodie is the greatest tool for making them seem gorgeous, particularly when the colours burst out literally from the plate, as suggested by the name. This is a must-have for foodies everywhere.


Pixlr is another picture editing programme that may be used for anything. You have a choice between the web-based and mobile versions of the programme; use your discretion. Using Pixlr, you may import pictures, make a fast selection, and then delete the selected object from the visual environment. You may also alter the backdrop of the image, apply effects, insert text into the image, crop the image, and do a variety of other things. The free version allows you to save and download the picture without the presence of an obtrusive watermark, allowing you to use it anywhere you like.


Instagram is well-known as a social media platform where users can upload pictures, share stories, and even create reels. However, we tend to overlook the fact that the Facebook-owned site also allows for picture editing. Filters, emoticons, text, and colour components may all be used to make the image more interesting and eye-catching. However, because of its social networking reach, you may develop a following that will ultimately help you monetize all of your efforts.


If you like shooting selfies, Visage is a photo editing app that you should have on your phone. Visage allows you to rapidly edit your pictures, decrease skin shine, increase the amount of cosmetics applied, and even whiten your teeth. The free edition includes advertisements and a branded hashtag, but you can upgrade to the Pro version at any time by paying the appropriate fee. However, you should be OK with the free version in the vast majority of situations.

Afterlight 2

Afterlight describes itself as an all-arounder, and there isn’t much we can say to disagree with that description. This tool allows you to adjust the contrast, exposure, and colour of a photograph or picture. Additional text and text customization options are available as well. Afterlight 2, on the other hand, stands out for its extensive collection of textured filters, which give your pictures a unique context and make them stand out from the crowd.

Apps for picture editing that are the best

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