President Donald Trump’s campaign website briefly hacked

Donald Trump’s advertising website was hacked on Tuesday.

New York:

US President Donald Trump’s campaign website was hacked on Tuesday, just a week before the presidential election.

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Muerto said in a statement that the website was “distorted”.

“We are working with law enforcement to investigate the source of the attack. There was no risk for sensitive data as none of it is actually stored on the site. The website has been restored, ”Murtow says.

A New York Times report said Trump’s campaign website was briefly taken over by hackers and the hack lasted less than 30 minutes.

The newspaper said on a screen posted on Trump’s website – – that hackers claimed to have compromised “multiple devices” giving the president and those close to him access to “the most internal and secret conversations”, including classified information. .

Hackers also accused the Trump administration of participating in the origins of the coronaviruses and of collaborating with “foreign actors manipulating the 2020 election.”

The NYT said the hackers appeared to generate cryptocurrency and invited visitors to donate cryptocurrency to one of two funds – “yes, share data” and the other “no, don’t share of data “.

“After the deadline, we will compare the funds and carry out the will of the world,” the hackers wrote, without specifying a deadline. The hackers also reported that what they said was their encryption key to Trump’s campaign site.

With less than a week to go before the election, the hiatus revealed the cybersecurity risks facing election campaigns.

The report noted that intelligence agencies were closely monitoring hacking groups, including Iranian and Russian-backed teams, who attempted to break into election-related systems and were involved in operations. influence in recent weeks. Has been.

Last week, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe identified Iran and Russia as the two countries responsible for the disruption and limited infiltration into the voter registration database.

Trump said at a campaign rally in Arizona last week that “no one is being hacked. You need someone with an IQ of 197 to hack and need about 15% of your password. ”

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