President Jinping made the statement

Beijing: Against China (China) in the world the atmosphere is turning rapidly. Due to the border dispute with India and the Coronavirus pandemic, many countries have come together to compete with Beijing. This international alliance has made China sleepy, and he is resorting to letters to mask his fear. Chinese President Xi Jinping said Friday in a threatening manner that if China’s security interests and sovereignty are harmed, we will not remain silent.

The United States on the target

Jinping indirectly targeted India and the United States, saying that China would not try to impose hegemony or promote expansion, but if China’s sovereignty, security and development interests are ignored, if they are affected in any way, we will not sit still.

Pressure reduction strategy

The Chinese president said that we will not tolerate anyone who tries to encroach on or split the sugar sector. If the situation were serious, the Chinese would surely give an appropriate response. The Xi Jinping Statement is part of a strategy to reduce international pressure. When China finds itself trapped, it gives the same rhetoric and tries to show that it is prepared for every situation.

Khamayaja is suffering

now. China is entering into a dispute with India and America. He pushed himself to vent the border dispute with India, which had yet to bear the brunt. New Delhi has the support of many countries, including the United States, on this issue. Apart from this, it is also the target of the whole world due to the Corona epidemic. Some of his old colleagues also left him. Besides, efforts are being made to isolate him internationally and he has also achieved success. Because of the all-out attacks, China began to collapse. This restlessness is clearly shown in Chairman Jinping’s statement.

Mike Pompeo is coming to India

At the same time, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is coming to Delhi to participate in a two-plus-two ministerial meeting between India and America next week. On behalf of the US State Department, it was said that it would discuss the risks from China. China’s position on the Line of Control (LAC) will be discussed. This 26th and 27th meeting will be held in Delhi in October. US Defense Secretary Mark Esper is also visiting India with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the meeting.

Discussion on China’s strange behavior

, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Dean R. Thompson told reporters in Washington that some points of Latin America and the Caribbean will certainly be discussed during the two plus two meetings. We want to understand the situation more closely. Both sides (Indo-American) are trying to stop the violence

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