President Trump’s outstanding statement about masqueraders will be surprised to hear

Washington: President Donald Trump said people who wear face masks are infected with the Coronavirus “all the time”. However, there is no evidence behind his claim.

Trump said this on Thursday during NBC News’s City Hall program in Miami.

The president was asked 26 about a large-scale event at the White House in September which allegedly was said to be the source of the infection and many of the guests who attended suffered from Kovid – 19. Most people participating in the program did not they wore masks.

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Among those infected are President Trump himself and his wife Melania.

The president himself rarely wears masks. Trump said he had no problems with the mask. However, the latter claimed that “people who wear masks suffer from this (infection) all the time.”

Three people associated with Corona virus-infected Biden campaign

At least three people associated with Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign have been found infected with the Corona virus. Subsequently, the campaign had to cancel personal appearance programs for party vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris since Monday.

However, Biden has made no changes to his public schedules as he was told on Thursday that he has no direct contact with those found infected.

On Thursday morning, two people were confirmed infected by Biden’s campaign. These include Liz Allen, Harris ‘communications director, and a man who was a flight crew member on one of Harris’ promotional trips. Information on the third infected person was provided to Doop Har.

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According to the campaign, a third person is an airline employee who was aboard the plane earlier this week during Biden’s Ohio and Florida tour. But the campaign says he got into the plane through the back door and was sitting a long distance from Biden.


Will Continue Promoting Online Biden’s campaign has been taking security precautions for months, and President Donald Trump has been mocking it many times.

Trump addressed a rally in North Carolina on Thursday without wearing a mask and said “I’m worried about him (Harris).” Wear a mask, whatever you want to do, but you know you’ll still need help. ‘

Harris will continue to promote online and will also continue his predetermined fundraising program.

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