Protest against the beheading of a teacher in France, request for weapons, not tears

France: They are the greatest victims of Islamic fundamentalism. is. His generosity towards refugees here is now like a bone stuck in his neck. The refugees that France has welcomed wholeheartedly, given the opportunity to settle on their own land, because of the refugees themselves, the whole of France is burning. The call for action against Islamic fundamentalism arose in France after the incident of the teacher’s beheading. People protest in the streets. There is a request to take up arms, not tears.

The world was not overwhelmed by the incident of the beheading of a teacher in France, which turned out to be the horrors of a similar Islamic fundamentalist conspiracy in Germany. Like French teacher Samuel Patty, tourist 55 Thomas L was stabbed to death in Germany. The date of the murder of the tourist Thomas L. was October 4. In addition to the tourist Thomas, another person was stabbed and wounded in Desden, in the province of Saxony, Germany. However on October 22, German police accused this crime 20 arrested a man named Abdullah of the year.

After this, the defendant Abdullah was rigorously interrogated, he confessed to a crime that shook the whole world. Abdullah said he was a Syrian ISIS terrorist. It was Abdullah in Germany who carried out this terrorist attack on 4 October. He said he was released from prison 5 days before the accident. He was jailed for two years and 9 months just prior to this incident.

During the interrogation, Abdullah said he wrote to a Christian threatening him: “Today I will kill you. Christian is your big mouth and I’ll bite your tongue. During his prison sentence, it was clear from Abdullah’s behavior that he had not strayed from the religion of Islam, he had been in support of radical Islamic ideology. So it was more likely that he would join the faithful Islamic act after his prison sentence.

Abdullah arrived in Germany from the 2015 war-torn Syria city of Aleppo. Abdullah was a minor at the time and obtained refugee status in Germany in 2016. According to German newspaper Bild, Abdullah lost his German citizenship in 2019 to because of his criminal record, but could not be deported due to the civil war in Syria. He could. The report claims that Abdullah, while a refugee, began recruiting for Isis in Germany and threatened Christians. In the year 2017, Abdullah was arrested and described as a threat to public safety.

Terrorist Abdullah was heard in 2018 Punishment

The Dresden Superior Regional Court grants Abdullah 30 foreign terrorists in November, 2018 Abdullah was sentenced to two years and nine months on charges of recruiting members of the organization, preparing for a serious crime against the state, harm the public and threaten.

This accident in Germany is a lesson for the whole world. After reading this news from Germany, the whole world must understand that every single country in Europe is sitting on the ammunition of Islamic fundamentalism. Islamic fundamentalism has become a serious threat to European citizens, who give freedom of expression, peace, the highest status to their country. And today the whole of Europe is wondering, when is freedom from Islamic fundamentalism?

France in action after the murder of a history teacher

The whole of France is angry at the murder of the teacher Samuel Patty after showing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. The French president called the incident a warning to fundamentalists living in France, calling it Islamic terrorism. Then, at the same time, an opposition leader shouted that “we need tears, not weapons”. It’s not hard to guess how much people’s emotions are in France right now.

A large number of policemen were deployed to protect the Prophet Muhammad cartoon about the Prophet Muhammad which showed controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in two cities to pay homage to the teacher Samuel Patty. A mosque outside Paris was closed for 6 months while declaring war on fundamentalists, claiming that this mosque, called “The Great Mosque of Pantin”, was used to spread hatred against the teacher Samuel Patty. Furthermore, France is preparing to identify 213 more radicals and drive them out of the country. )

The expert said this

When the expert was asked: “How are European countries, including France, fighting the battle for Islamic fundamentalism?” He then replied that France is taking this action because a refugee is involved in the murder of teacher Samuel Patty. Its connection with Chechnya is revealed. That is, Islamic fundamentalism dominates France.

A similar incident has already happened
It is not the first episode of Islamic fundamentalism in France, in the same year there was recently a terrorist attack near the old office of Frenchman Charley Hebdo. The attack was against the printing of the Prophet Muhammad cartoon again in Charley Hebdo magazine. Earlier 2015 there was a terrorist attack in Sharley Hebdo’s office after Prophet Mohammad cartoon printing. In which many journalists have lost their lives.

The question arises: why has Islamic fundamentalism in France grown so much? So to know the answer, you need to understand the history of refugees in France. Freedom of expression was rewarded in France. France, on the other hand, has for decades followed the liberal policy of welcoming refugees as a secular nation. This is why France has the highest Muslim population in Western Europe, which is 10 percent of the country’s total population. These people immigrated to France, from countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Mali and Tunisia, under the age-old politics that a French model flourished in France where an attempt was made to fully integrate the minority population into the country’s mainstream.


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