Queen Jindan Kaur jewelry auction in Britain – Queen Jindan Kaur jewelry auction in UK

Queen Jindan Kaur’s jewelry has been auctioned in London.


Once upon a time Chand Tika, which was part of Queen Jindan Kaur’s jewelry, was auctioned off in London. Kaur was the last wife of Maharaja Ranjit Singh of the Sikh Empire. The jewelry was then inherited by her granddaughter, Princess Bamba Sutherland. Gem-studded Moon Teeka sold this week in a bid of £ 62,500 at the Bonaham Islamic and Indian Art Auction. Along with this, other rare 19th century artifacts also managed to attract many dialects.

Bonhams said Jindan Kaur was Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s only living widow. He revolted against the British in the Punjab, but was then forced to surrender. More than 600 of her jewels were confiscated in the famous Lahore treasure. He was imprisoned before going to Nepal in 1848.

The auction house believes that the jewelry available for sale this week is undoubtedly the jewelry that was handed over to Jindan Kaur after British authorities agreed to stay with his son Dalip Singh in London. Some of the rare items in the auction include a 19th-century watercolor Golden Temple and a photo of the city of Amritsar.

It is believed that so far all of the paintings in the Golden Temple have been prepared in watercolor, this is the largest. It was auctioned for 75,062 pounds. Apart from this, the portrait of Raja Sher Singh Attariwala, who was the commander of the Second Anglo-Sikh War (1848-1849), was also sold at auction.

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