Raja from this country is hospitalized as soon as the bodyguard’s COVID is positive

King of Thailand

The bodyguard of Playboy’s Thai king Maha Vajiralongkorn is immediately rushed to hospital after testing positive for corona virus. On Wednesday morning he was taken to a Bangkok hospital.

King Wazirlongkorn (Reuters)

New Delhi: After the bodyguard of the Thai King of Playboy Maha Vajiralongkorn, he is rushed to the hospital soon after arriving in Corona positive. He was taken to a Bangkok hospital on Wednesday morning. According to media reports, Raja recently arrived in Thailand and only then was the infection of this deadly virus confirmed in his bodyguard.

However, it is not yet confirmed whether Raja’s disease is related to Corona virus or not. Employees at the hospital where Raja was treated refused to disclose anything.

Questions about the facility have been raised

The king recently returned to Thailand on the fourth anniversary of the death of his father, King Bhumibol. King Wazirlongkorn, known as Playboy, spent most of his childhood outside Thailand. 1976 before enrolling in military college in Australia From the age of 10, he attended school in England.

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Despite being military trained, questions were raised as to whether the princes were fit to rule. News of gambling, being surrounded by women and being involved in illegal business has damaged the prince’s image.

Still becomes king

After his father’s death in October 2016, the prince ascended the throne of Thailand and the royal family

became emperor. Raja Wazirlongkorn has been married 4 times and has 20 girlfriends living with him. The king has $ 17 billion under his control.

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