Rape is “monstrous”, but does not respond to capital punishment: UN chief

The Bangladesh court on Thursday sentenced five people to death following the words of Michel Bachelet (File)

Geneva, Switzerland:

The UN chief said that sentencing rapists to death, as Bangladesh did on Thursday, is also not an appropriate punishment for such a heinous crime.

Michelle Bechelet said in a statement: “Punitive measures can be taken against those who commit such demonic acts. We must not allow ourselves to commit further violations. ”

Following his comments, a Bangladesh court on Thursday sentenced five people to death for gang-raping a 15-year-old girl in 2012.

He gave Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government the first sentence since the death penalty for rape was introduced this week.

Gang rape was already commuted to death, but rape by a single criminal was previously only sentenced to life imprisonment.

Bachelet cited changes in law in Bangladesh, but also called for the death penalty for rape in several other countries.

It sparked a public hanging and calls in Pakistan to apprehend rapists, and last month introduced a law in Kaduna state in northwestern Nigeria that mandated surgical wearing after being hanged in rape cases, where the victim was 14 years old. AT

“The main reason for the death penalty is to stop rape, but there really is no evidence that the death penalty prevents crime compared to other forms of crime,” Bachelet said .

“Evidence suggests that the certainty of punishment, rather than the severity, prevents crime.”

She stressed that in most countries, “the main problem is that victims of sexual violence do not get justice first”.

This was due to a number of factors, including “stigma, fear of reprimand, gender discrimination and power imbalance,” which he said would not remove their barriers by punishing criminals to death.

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