Rapidly growing population of Indians in Canada, these are new figures

New Delhi: Indian immigration to Canada or Indian origin The tendency for the country’s population to settle has increased rapidly in recent years. According to the immigration report presented by the Justin Trudeau government to the Canadian parliament 2019, Indian immigrants have surpassed the figures here. Due to the record number of new people, Indians have become one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. The result is that the number of Indians in Canada with a population of approximately 45 million has exceeded 80 lac.

2019 Government of Canada 3, 41, 180 Persons accepted as permanent residents. Meanwhile 25 with 4 thousand refugees More than one lakh study permits and 4 lakh 4 thousand people have received temporary work visas. 2016 In 39, 340 The Indian diaspora arrived in Canada. 2019 This figure has increased 85,000, which contains 105 Percent growth has been recorded.

Participation of Indians

3, 41, 180 In permanent residents 85, 593 were Indians, which 2019 of the total of permanent residents 25 is the percentage. in this 41,163 Indian women and 2016, 430 men included were. After India 25, 246, Philippines 27, 818, Nigeria 11, 602 and Pakistan 2022, 793 People have the right to live permanently in Canada. Likewise, the number of Indian students arriving in Canada from 2016 2020, 2019 to 2, 2020, 855 That is, when it comes to student visa, has increased by nearly 300 percent.

Enriched immigrants

) According to the Canadian Minister for Foreign and Refugee Affairs, Marco El Medino, Canada remains a safe and welcoming country for immigrants, refugees. Immigrants go beyond statistics and circumstances to make Canada better and prosperous. He believes Canada’s progress over the past century will not be complete without the addition of new settlers.

According to the report, in terms of total immigration data, Canada’s 593% population increase 2017 to 2018. The rest there 20 percent The increase happened naturally.

Immigration Plan 2021 – 2023

COVID – 19 Keeping in mind the unusual situation the Trudeau government has prepared a new scheme under which Canada 3, 50, A record of 4 in the following year 2021, against the normal annual figure of. , 000 Will accept new migrants. In fact, due to restrictions due to Corona virus infection, in this direction 2020 to make up for this year’s shortage

in figure 4, 11, 4 in and 2023, 21, 000 It will be done. This is certainly good news for Indians, because after the United States there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of people who love Canada in terms of accommodation for Indians.


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