Read these messages before planning a trip abroad. This country has introduced a new rule

LONDON: Over the increasing coronavirus infection Britain has taken a new step to curb. The country launches Kovid – 19 quarantine period for overseas passengers from June 8th. This information was given by Interior Minister Preeti Patel on Friday. At the same time, airlines have warned that this will destroy their industry.

Upon returning to the UK, all international arrivals for the 14th day will be isolated and informed of where they are. It has been criticized by stoppers, airlines, corporate groups and executives.

Patel said in a press conference: “We are in the final stages of this infection, so we should take steps to save the coming cases and curb the spread of this deadly disease.”

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Anyone who violates the quarantine in England will be fined 1,000. Samples are carried out by the health and border authorities. This quarantine does not apply to persons from the Irish Republic or to freight train drivers, health workers and seasonal workers in agriculture. These measures are reviewed every three weeks.

Britain’s closest neighbor on the European continent, the French government said it regretted Britain’s decision. Let us tell you that the UK started investigating travelers from China compared to other countries. People were also kept in quarantine when symptoms of corona were found.

UK Chamber of Commerce (BCC) Director General Adam Marshall said: ‘This approach will undermine the confidence of international trade and investors at a time when it must be demonstrated that Britain is safe for business to open. ‘

The opposition Labor Party supported the measure, but also said that the government has shown little urgency, coherence and clarity in dealing with people arriving in the UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Some members of the Conservative Party have also criticized the program. Some airlines have also criticized Britain’s decision.

Tim Alderlade, managing director of the British Industry Association, said: “There is no point in starting quarantine at this level.” If the government wants to restart the economy, it will do the worst. ‘

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John Riley

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