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Reasons why Windows 11 performs better than Windows 10 on many PCs

Why Windows 11 performs better than Windows 10 on a large number of computers

There are numerous new features in Windows 11 like better snapping, a dynamic refresh rate, and direct save, but the most significant change the operating system is making may be something that users rarely see or even notice. A recent video from Microsoft Mechanics looks at the performance improvements built into the new operating system. PCs using Windows 11 should outperform PCs running Windows 10 on the same hardware in terms of speed, battery life, and recovery time from hibernation compared to those running Windows 10.

Steve Dispensa, Microsoft’s vice president of enterprise management, outlines the improvements to the Windows 11 operating system from the inside out. The new operating system prioritizes programs so that they can access more CPU performance and system resources through this prioritization. This makes the apps more responsive. Even under Windows 11, programs are supposed to load faster when the system is heavily used.

Dispensa also points out the Sleeping Tabs feature in Microsoft Edge, which he finds particularly useful. This feature already exists in Windows 10, but is enabled by default in Windows 11 and later versions. The function puts tabs into sleep mode after a certain period of time and thus reduces the system resources that a PC consumes during operation. When using Sleeping Tabs, Microsoft saw an average 32 percent reduction in memory usage and a 37 percent reduction in CPU usage (please note that the statistics in Microsoft’s blog articles on the improvements observed in Windows 10 were for Windows 8.1 ).

According to Dispensa, PCs running the operating system should have longer battery life as the improvements in Windows 11 allow the operating system to use fewer system resources.

Windows 11 is also much faster than Windows 10 when it comes to waking up from hibernation. In its statement, Dispensa claims that the operating system provides “the best instant experience”. PCs running Windows 11 keep their memory “powered” when many other components are turned off in sleep mode. Microsoft improved the way Windows 11 communicates with hardware components, resulting in a decrease in appetite in all treatment threads. This has been shown to improve the chances of getting back to sleep by up to 25%.

Microsoft Code Optimizations also increase the speed of Windows Hello for Business sign-ins by up to 30% when using the latest version of the software.

Dispensa also describes in detail how Microsoft reduced the disk footprint of Windows 11, which included providing additional compression techniques.

If you want to try Windows 11, the latest Insider version from Microsoft is available for download.

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TPM support is not available on your system. Try one of these motherboard modules to see if it works.

If your PC has not yet been freed from platform module (TPM) support through firmware and the UEFI BIOS, we recommend checking the general ledger manual for a TPM header in the ledger. Regardless of whether you have a computer, see if one of them is compatible with Windows 11 to prepare you for the new operating system.

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