Republicans defending Trump’s election fraud allegations fear

Barack Obama said there is a difference between 2008 and now 2020.


Barack Obama has expressed concern over attempts by Republican leaders to overturn the 2020 presidential election results, saying they are defending President Donald Trump’s “false allegations” of electoral fraud because they are “scared” of them .

Democrat Joe Biden was declared the winner in the November 3 presidential election, but President Trump, a Republican, refused to drop out and has filed several lawsuits in several states to challenge the election results.

“I’m upset, how I think any American, whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, should be upset when you try to block people’s votes, when there’s no real evidence that former President Obama has. told MSNBC that something illegal or fraudulent was going on.

He also criticized the conservative-leaning media for giving a platform to Trump’s outspoken claims.

“And to the extent that you’ve seen news organizations that respond to the right-wing and conservative point of view, kind of try to publicize these false statements, you know,” Obama, the first black American president he said.

In the final phase of the campaign, Obama campaigned for former Vice Presidents Biden and Kamala Harris Harris on some of the major battlefields of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida and Georgia.

Trump’s campaign challenged ballot counting in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia in other states. Many of his lawsuits were dismissed.

“They have been repeatedly rejected by the courts. I was less surprised that Trump did this; they only showed the truth a gluttony. I’m more upset that you see so many Republican officials coming together. Obama Says, not because they really believe it but because they are afraid of it.

Obama said there is a difference between 2008 and now 2020.

“The way Trump behaves during the transition is different from the way George Bush behaved in his final months when he was in power – and because we’re in the middle of an epidemic, we don’t know What will the opening see. Like, ”he says.

President-elect Biden is scheduled to be inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

“But I think Biden is right that we should all do our best to turn the temperature down and listen to the other side. But, I think when you have a current president who has all the fan-sharing style. “So tough when he’s on stage,” Obama said.

Biden won the Republican stronghold of Georgia on Thursday, becoming the first Democrat to win the main battleground since 1992.

With Georgia’s 16 electoral votes, Biden will now have 306 electoral votes for Trump’s 232. To win the race for the White House, a successful candidate must have at least 270 electoral votes from an electoral college of 538 members.

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