The most notable feature of Nintendo’s new Switch model is its seven-inch OLED screen, which provides games with more vibrant colours and higher contrast than previous models. The kickstand on this model is superior than that of the original Switch, making it more handy and adaptable.

According to Nintendo, the new $349.99 Switch model, which features an OLED display, isn’t any faster than the standard Switch or the Switch Lite. Despite the fact that I did notice some graphical faults on my initial launch unit in early 2017, those issues were not nearly as obvious on this OLED panel, which gives a big improvement in overall picture quality.

The majority of my time was spent in handheld mode, however I did spend some time experimenting with the new kickstand. If you’re playing on a plane, it has the ability to smoothly angle between 80 degrees and 10 degrees or so, making it much easier to find the correct angle.

In my testing, I used the upgraded speakers on the new Switch, and they were loud and clear enough for me to hear easily even at a somewhat noisy press event.

Whatever your feelings about these upgrades to the OLED Switch, the fact remains that it still feels like a Switch while you’re playing it. In addition, Dread appears to be a Metroidvania game. The tale continues where Fusion left off, and after a brief summary of prior events, Dread throws you right into the thick of things.

The demo provides you a taste of what’s to come in the future. You’ll also be introduced to several new abilities and destructive weapons that will aid you in your quest to complete the task quickly and efficiently. Samus can slip beneath obstacles that previously necessitated the use of a Morph Ball from the beginning by pressing the left trigger.

In many aspects, Metroid Dread is a spiritual successor to the Metroid series. Because of the limitations imposed by your suit, each section of the game has regions that you can and cannot reach. Save and download of maps are also possible. Recharge stations for missiles and health are also located on the map. There are also various mysteries hidden throughout the terrain, including Save Rooms, which allow you to save your progress as you go through the game.

Because save spots are separated by no more than a few minutes between each other, the game’s signature challenge is still present, but it is significantly less harsh in the regions that I encountered it in. The fact that the Switch is portable means that you can play for small periods of time while on the go, which is excellent.

What I was able to play seemed inspired and vibrant, rather than the way I had expected a game that had been effectively shelved for more than a decade would feel.

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