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Rockstar is under fire for the GTA V PlayStation 5 trailer.

Rockstar Games has undoubtedly suffered a setback as the GTA V PS5 trailer has not received the kind reception that the business had hoped for.

GTA V will be released on the new generation of consoles in early next year, after a several-month delay on the current generation. It is yet another re-release of the popular game, this time featuring improved graphics and faster loading times. Previously, a PlayStation 4 version of the game was released several years ago, and now the game is being released on the PlayStation 5. Fans are no longer willing to put up with being milked for their money. At least, not in its current state of development.

Following the release of the most recent GTA V PS5 trailer, there has been a deluge of negative responses. The most recent graphics, which Rockstar had spoken so enthusiastically about, appear to be a shoddy gloss. It doesn’t appear to be very attractive at all. In reality, over the years, there have been mods for Grand Theft Auto V that have improved the game’s visuals significantly.

The person who throws the ball can expect to receive it back. Fans of the game are putting their faith in Rockstar Games on YouTube. On YouTube, the trailer from a week ago has 182,000 thumbs down and 28,000 thumbs up, indicating a mixed response. There have been almost two million views of the video on YouTube. Just to give you an idea of where Rockstar is at the moment. Let’s pretend things aren’t going well. If they do respond, it will be interesting to see how they handle the pressure of disappointing such a big number of followers.

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