Running a marathon reduces arterial lifespan

A study indicates that training and running marathon boosts the health of the arteries and nearly cuts four years off their cardiovascular age.

Including any type of aerobic exercise like running or running is essential for your own body.

The best way to prepare for a marathon would be to start with mild warm-up exercises and gradually increase the distance.

however, it can have other negative effects which could be possibly life-threatening in case you have pre-existing heart disease and attempt to run a marathon. Runners have died attempting to do so but these are infrequent instances.
Dr. Charlotte Manisty who had been the lead writer said that people who are currently suffering from heart diseases or have other ailments needs to take a recommendation from the doctor before running over such long distances since it produces a lot of strain on the heart. If the heart muscles are not strong enough to maintain the pressure or beat fast to provide oxygen quickly it can cause a heart attack.

The research has been performed in the Barts and University College London in which 138 amateur runners were practicing for engaging in the London Marathon.

The tests of the arteries demonstrated that after 6 weeks of training that the arteries have gained back some of their youthful elasticity which will be an essential factor for staying healthy and prevent chances of heart attacks and strokes in the future.

Their blood pressures also dropped as if they had been given tablets. People who were obese or had other issues appeared to have gained most out of their practicing marathon.

However she said running is one of the greatest exercises to maintain our body healthy and reduce extra weight.

John Riley

John Riley

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