Russia Approves Second COVID-19 Vaccine With Record Coronavirus Case | World news

Moscow : Russia announced Wednesday (October 14, 2020) that it has approved a second COVID-19 vaccine as coronavirus cases are increasing daily at a record level and transition to online classes in secondary schools in the capital.

The new vaccine, developed by the Siberian Vector Institute, completed early-stage trials last month.

Russia became the first country to officially endorse the vaccine against Sputnik V-Zap in August. To date, no vaccines are generally available.

Unlike Western countries, Russia has officially approved the COVID-19 vaccine without waiting for the results of large-scale experiments with thousands of patients, which are usually needed to prove that the drug is safe and effective. The decision has been criticized by scientists from other countries.

President Vladimir Putin said in a commentary broadcast on state television that “we need to increase production of the first and second vaccines.” “We are constantly working with our overseas partners and we will promote our vaccine abroad.”

Russia, like many countries in Europe, has rapidly revived coronavirus infection with the return of cold weather. However, authorities have so far been reluctant to return to the blockade.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said at a government meeting headed by Putin that “in our opinion, we can manage the situation and we don’t need to introduce restrictions on the economy.”

Russia’s Coronavirus Task Force recorded 14,231 novel coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, the most since the pandemic began. 239 people died, 23,205 people died More than 4,500 new cases took place in Moscow, the capital of Russia’s most affected.

The capital’s school has been closed in the past two weeks to limit the spread of the virus. The city’s mayor of Sergei Sovyanin said that elementary school students will return to class, but older children will now be taking all classes online.

“The decisions we made today are not easy, but they are simply needed, given the epidemiological situation and the need for quality education in school children,” he wrote on the website.

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