Russia is helpless in front of Corona, 9,263 cases in 24 hours, 115 deaths

Moscow: Russia Corona is one of the strongest countries in the world. The virus (corona virus) seems helpless. 9, 801 infections here in the last 15 hours cases have been registered and 115 people have died. In this way, the total number of people affected by the epidemic has increased to around three lakhs. While 2,837 people have lost their lives so far.

However, the number of cases reported daily in Russia has decreased. Infectious numbers for the fourth day in a row, 10,000 below. The capital city most affected by the epidemic is Moscow. At the same time, the situation is also deteriorating in Saint Petersburg. According to Johns Hopkins University, the total number of corona cases worldwide has increased to 4.8 million, and the number of deaths has exceeded 465,000.

As of Tuesday morning 4 of the world’s corona, 801, 282 cases were registered, while the total number of people who lost their lives was 318,

happens. The worst conditions are currently in America. There 15, 37, 830 people were found infected and 115, 694 people died.

Raunak returns to Europe

Despite the fear of Corona, Europe is moving towards normalization of life. Greece has reopened the Acropolis, Italy has its shops, Belgium has its markets and museums, Ireland has golf courses and Germany has reopened beer gardens. However, the guides here are discussing how to organize the summer vacation. By the way, experts were concerned that the rush to loosen strict measures could outweigh countries.

Mary Hornsby

Mary Hornsby

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