Russian military officers accused of hacking, hindering the electoral process

Washington: America on 6 Russian military officers Accusations were made that he was interfering in the electoral process through hacking in America, Europe. He is accused of targeting American businessmen and French elections. These officials associated with the Russian intelligence department GRU also have a case of damage at the Winter Olympics, but investigating officers have found no evidence that it affects the US election.

Hacking charges

) According to a U.S. Department of Justice indictment on Monday, six Russian military officers attempted to damage French elections, the Winter Olympics, and U.S. businesses with hacking.

Ukraine’s power plant also damaged

In the aforementioned accusation, the Russian military agency attacked all alleged GRU officials on Ukraine’s power grid and 2017 in the election of French president Emmanuel Macron (There have been allegations of computer hacking against the political party of French President Emmanuel Macron).

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